Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Another start

Lengthening shadows fall across Clear Creek. ....... I love evening and twilight, and it reminds me that every day is special, whether it ends in a bang like this scene, or whether it's rainy or cloudy. This one is 36x30 to emphasize the drama of the twilight. I can't tell how close it is to finishing. I just know I'm having fun with it. Tomorrow I'll show the start of another painting. Working on both of them -alternating - helps me stay out of the picky details.

This is Clear Creek at Camp McDowell in Winston County ( I think) Alabama. There is a dramatic bluff above the creek. Here some of the bluff is visible, and in other places the trees come right down to the water. All the rocks at ground level and above are flat and have a stacked look.

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