More about Robin and Serene and Southern Paintings

Oil painter Robin Roberts has lived in 5 states, but north Alabama roots keep her grounded. Especially inspired by ordinary views by the side of the road, Robin seeks nobility in the everyday scenes we encounter. Her southern landscapes draw us into the excitement and mystery of light and shadow, bringing to life that delicate time of day that is so fleeting. Through vigorous brushwork, delicate touches, subtle color combinations and unusual compositions we are able to see the common transformed into places you know by heart. Robin is equally attracted to painting animals and the figure as well as her signature landscapes.

She is grateful that many national and regional artists trained her to translate a vision into beautiful canvases by painting outdoors on location. This is Robins’ favorite method, and it allows her to add truth to larger paintings.

Robin has been an invited artist to the Huntsville Museum of Art Gala for five years and participates in outdoor painting events. She received many awards, but finds the biggest reward is when someone passes by and says “ahhhhhhh” and knows a painting has touched a chord in the heart.

Finding the uncommon in everyday life is Robin’s hallmark.

Ordinary scenes such as the gleam of light on a floor, a flash of color becomes a challenge to paint. Developing an artists' eye is almost its' own reward. It makes everything we see an extra delight.

Studies with many regional and nationally known artists contributed to this passion for translating nature. Robin translates classic principles of rhythm, harmony, and striking compositions into familiar scenes by using “on location” and traditional methods.

Robin finds the effects of light captivating, whether it’s the light of shadow on an apple, a building, or the face of a pet. Light is the central factor of life, like the life giving force from above.

Originally from north Alabama, Robin’s family lived in Iowa twice, Texas twice, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. That southern orientation emerges in the oil paintings. Now Alabama again presents wonders begging to be brought to life.

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