Thursday, October 9, 2008


24x36, oil on canvas
oK, it will need a better title than this. One aspect I aim for in a painting is time of day. If it can resemble that glimpse of a slice of time as we go about our daily business, then I have some success.
background and sky finished, horse started in a ghostly state. I call this liquid drawing, and I don't always add figures and animals at this late stage of a painting. It's much harder for me to add background around a figure, though, so I was taking a big chance that the horse would turn out ok without having to scrape it off to start over. It almost happened.

Close up of the "ghostly" stage. I'm searching for silhouette and the big light and dark shapes, the angles of the bones, etc.
Close up of finished horse. This painting was hard to photograph. The grasses really were pinkish, almost violet. I was tempted to add texture and dimension to the paint, but I restrained that urge and let it look softened by the waning sun. There is a small horse in the upper right at the edge of the trees and grass that doesn't show in this photo. Its purpose was to add balance to the composition.
Title suggestions?
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  1. Hi Robin! I'm new to Southern Painter, but always been a fan of yours! First, from your sports days; and then on to Good Morning America!

    About your "Pinto in Pink" painting: One word sums up the many aspects of this painting and would be a perfect title for it . . . The word

    It is a beautiful painting, Robin. You are truly blessed in capturing feelings as well as pictures! God Bless You, Robin.
    Your new friend, Janie Moore (