Sunday, March 29, 2009


references- maybe 2 of 11 photos

30x30 oil on linen
You guessed it - right? I never realized how many white horses are out there. What attracted me were the horses in and out of shadows. The sunny day lit up the white ones, while the bay and palomino and the appaloosa( I think) are undefined in the shadows. There is still much to be done on the horses. I discovered the shadowy ones are as tricky to paint as the prominent white horses. This is another example of driving down the road, screeching the car to a halt to turn around and get the photos. Gee, I would have liked to paint on location, but another event was calling. The backdrop wasn't inspiring. We'll see how it turns out. Stay tuned for the finale.
You decide if it flops. Here is your chance to critique the MYSTERY PAINTING. You can give suggestions in this almost finished stage or wait for the final posting. Whaddya say? Leave your comments and let's see how everyone sees it. thanks!

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  1. Lovely work!
    I'm sending you a bloggers award for Passion in Painting ...When you get a chance check my blog!