Sunday, May 3, 2009


Evelyn's home, 6x8
It's not a good idea to show so-so paintings, but I'm using this one as an illustration of how the painters got the royal treatment at the Southeastern Plein Air Festival in Gadsden Al. In the front yard of this home was the tent used as volunteer headquarters where they fed us lunch and kept the painters supplied with water and entertainment.
I wish I had done several things to improve this little painting. I think I was just dazzled by the gardens and homes nearby and dazzled by the way we were welcomed and encouraged.
Gee, those iris by the white fence were lovely.......and the paint above the brick on the house really was a beautiful turquoise


  1. I think for a small study this turned out very well! It looks like the house your were painting and has such great loose brushwork.

  2. Thank you Kim, as a study I guess it does stand on its own. One reason we paint is to breathe in all the great outdoors, right?