Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, around here the end of summer is becoming a pond with so much rain.   I've been watching this pasture all summer, enjoying the cattle lost in the grass, so I made a point of painting it early one moring.   Enjoyed the balance of clarifying, but not saying too much with the brush.   It's become one of my favorites, and I will be taking it to the
MONTE SANO ART SHOW Saturday at Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville. 
Hope you can come by for a visit, and we can enjoy the art show sans rain!
The White Calf - 11x14 oil on linen panel, framed in a great gold frame,  $450.  Click for paint texture ( or lack of texture)


  1. Very sweet, very appealing painting. I like it.

  2. Robin, I love the palette and your economy of brush strokes in this piece--your appreciation for the pasture definitely shows. I hope that your time at the Art Show was fantastic.

  3. The colours in this are beautiful and work so well together. well done. :)