Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr Chestnut has a farm...

Mr Chestnut has a farm in Georgia where we had a workshop recently.  It's a painters treasure trove of barns, cows, tractors, gardens, sheds - things that make easy subject matter.  Mr Chestnut was a gracious host, letting 20 painters rove over his place.  This particular morning was hazy after a nightime rain.   I love this tender springtime when the leaves on the pecan and walnut trees are just beginning to show.
This was a good warm up for the upcoming Gadsden Plein Air Festival.  Come to Gadsden Alabama next week and you'll be able to see about 30 painters fan out over the town Monday Thru Friday.  And you can take home those scenes by visiting the Gadsden Museum of ARt, and you can follow their blog and see updates daily...

11x14 oil on linen
contact for purchase
$525 in a great gold frame.

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