Sunday, September 19, 2010


"Cowboy Conference" oil, 22x20 oil on linen
finished Cowboy painting.  You can see signs of the way it morphed from the close up photos.   The ghostly cowboy served a purpose at one time, but the composition is much better without him.   The linen makes a painting more fun, quicker and the paint quality is jucier.
horse adjustments, people adjustments, blocky paint - having fun stage.
Cowboy Conference - $1100 22x28 framed
a companion to:
Cattle Drive  12x16.   these two are going to Thoroughbred Antique Gallery in Lexington Ky, if you're interested - just email me and I'll put you in touch with them.
and this is the sister painting:
Mountain Cattle Drive 22x28, in a new home.


  1. Gorgeous color and vital compositions!

  2. I admire your fluidity and simplicity. I have not noticed difference between cotton canvas and linen. What kind of primer/gesso do you use?

  3. love the light in your paintings, Robin.