Monday, May 2, 2011

catching up..

funny story... I joked with artists and friends that I painted the bathroom on the first day of the Gadsden Plein Air Invitational.  We were located at the Country Club- a tender misty start early in the morning- beautiful.  Most artists found a great scene of groomed fairways with mountains in the distance as it's a beautiful course.  But what caught MY eye was the bathroom on the 7th green.  It was a little green wood building, so unassuming.   It had a nice background, a pond in front and a nice fountain in the pond, so I set to work, enjoying the variety of greens.    
At the reception on Friday ( the last day) collectors enjoyed seeing the works produced all week. And artists enjoyed greeting and talking about all the Gadsden locations we enjoyed.      One of the visitors made a special effort to tell me about the bathroom on the golf course  I painted the first day.    She enjoys golf and told me she set up her shot, then traced it's projection with her finger on the painting - right through the bathroom, out the other side where it bounced on the green, giving her an eagle!    Then she told me  another shot skimmed off the fountain, hit the green and gave her a birdie!   I had no idea what a famous building it was.   


  1. I like your painting! The cabin/house looks great! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  2. What a great story, Robin! The resulting painting is absolutely charming, beautifully done. Talk about having an artist's eye--you can see the beauty and visual interest anywhere :>).

  3. I SO enjoyed meeting you.
    (ps. I don't think you're as mean as you say you are.)
    Thanks again for showing a newbie around.
    Your orchestra on the lawn painting was great in concept and execution!!
    The inside portrait on the storm day was outstanding too.
    Did you see the Flicker album of the paintings on GMA site?