Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where We Left It - Upside Down

Yes, this was a demo for the Shoals Artists Guild, and I drew and painted this upside down to this stage.  The Guild graciously asked  for a demonstration, and drawing upside down was a technique we don't see often.     It comes right out of the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards..  a book that started me on the journey to really "see". I chose my photo of these horses because the upside down thing is so good for seeing complicated negative shapes in an easy manner.   And it makes for a good shock when we turn it over and view it right side up.!

So here is where I stopped at the end of the demonstration - o yes - I did add the yello at the lower edge after I returned home.   Then - more refining.  Because this was painted rapidly, I wished I had conveyed that at some point it's good to slow down and evaluate and doesn't need to be done all in a hurry.   

There is tweaking on both the horses (mostly the shapes that were incorrect from the drawing) and developing the background back in the studio.

Another trick to find boo boos or areas that need fixing is to put it in a frame.  Flaws jump out.  Holding the painting up to a mirror is another famous trick.   More flaws jump out.  The beauty of alla prima painting in wet paint makes this easier.

16x20  "Rimlight",  
oil on linen panel

to add this to your collection - framed ($850) or unframed - email Robin

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