Tuesday, April 24, 2012

St Simons Plein Air Affair, Day2

 6:30 pm Eastern time...  45 minutes to catch this little view of Marshes of Glynn on Tuesday at sunset.  
Glynn Art Association produced a great event for the artists and the community of St Simons Ga. - great food, volunteers to keep the artists going, great locations and enough breaks in the cloudy weather to make some really nice paintings.  This was my third painting of the day, and the best for me of that day.  St Simons features a "Gallery Crawl" periodically and this was displayed at the beautiful Parker Gallery Friday night.   Visitors get to take the trolley to see 3 galleries and check out the new work.
8x10, framed in gold, $400, shipped free
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  1. Beautiful Robin :) Hope you had a great week!