Monday, February 10, 2014


I think the "man in the street" doesn't have an idea of how much a portrait can morph through stages.   This portrait  is my project from a Mia Bergeron  portrait workshop sponsored by the Huntsville Art League.  Mia did her best to convey the importance of values first.   For me that is a great challenge - not to mention the struggle to refine my drawing.  The workshop was terrific fun because Mia is a super teacher.  John McLeod is the model - a sculptor.   How someone who works all day with grinders, hammers, chemicals, metal and marble could sit still for us for 2 days is amazing.

this will give an idea of challenges and frustration - the pic below is the last one before the serious adjustments and refining - you can easily see it's just Wrong.

One thing that helped at the finish is an apple app recomended by artist Ann Moller Steverson.   Its called Sight To Size, and it layers photos so I was able to see how far off my drawing was from the pose.  

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