Friday, February 8, 2008

Not too much

Sometimes it's better to stop in the painting process, rather than let the canvas fall of its' own weight. One of my notable teachers passed along this advice, saying a picture can only hold "so much". We can't have the waterfall, the deer, the sunset, the sunrise, the desert, the cabin in the woods, the mansion., angels............all in the same painting. Leaving off some of the pretty stuff is often hard. Here is the progress on the second in the foxhunting series: funny looking dogs, skimpy background, horse with dubious proportions......

The next step- work on the distance:

Then work on another hound and the mid distance, still the rider has whacky proportions......

Added a dog on the right, the dog on the left seems to be disappering.

The color of the winter stubble in the mid distance is beginning to capture the effect of early morning winter sun.

The white horse gets some definition.....

Where I stopped :

Still a ghostly hound in the foreground, and one looks more deer sized. The left hound is gone - I wonder if he will get a replacement to balance the composition?.. That rider's hat is still odd looking.

So here is where the "not too much" decisions begin. How to keep the energy and sparkle while making adjustments....hmmmmmm

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  1. No se si entenderas,fantastico,mi favorito:la ropa secando al sol,me recuerda el paisaje a mis sueños