Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today I'm featuring 3 painters in our monthly oil painting class. There are several more, and they're all GOOD. I really have to dance to keep up with them. And they're brave. Instead of being intimidated, they all just jump right in and seem to enjoy the process of figuring it out. That's all we can ask anyway - am I putting the color and value in the place where it belongs? Then it all comes out in the end. This teapot project called for simple color which seems to emphasize the curves in the composition.

Victoria McConnell- great drawing, careful attention to design - and look how those colors work together and heighten the sense of light passage. At this mid stage it has all the "bones" and the rest is gravy!
Sandra Letson- notice the rhythms in the compostion with a good solid feel. The color harmony is much better than my photo. The scheme of secondary colors is purple, gold and green - notice the purple dominates and the greenish gold supports it. This is mid stage too, but is great with or without the reflections.
Karen Whitley - just makes you want to pour the tea! The warm and cool alternation is what makes it so gleaming, and the subtle colors let those curvy lines become important for our eyes to play with.
One of the points is that we don't have to be whiz-bang professional artists - we just enjoy learning to see what's really there and deciding what to leave out! I've said it often = I can't make up anything as exciting as what I see in nature.
Here is the reference:

and my demo painting/study

Click on the images to see the brushwork.
p/s information on classes is on the website
I offer an introduction class to get started - it's scheduled separately from the monthly class.


  1. These are great! It's like a mini-lesson, seeing the 4 different pieces and the photo of the set-up. you're inspiring me to stop avoiding metals!

  2. It's funny Pam - I think I avoid painting skies - why???

  3. Your paintings are lovely, Robin. Visited Craig's restaurant on Tuesday and there was not one painting displayed (although there was a large print from Keepers on one wall).
    Hope that we see yours there again!