Monday, March 10, 2008

Out With the Girls

9x12 plein air, oil on panel
I didn't take photos at stages on this one because I was done in 30 minutes. Morning on the beach at Destin..........and that includes a little chatting with beach walkers. That's sand in the lower left. Got hit by that one wave that came sneaking up the beach. So I tilted up my pochade box to try to drain out the salt water and sand. I made a new friend who bought the companion to this one. That makes painting 3 times the fun - the scene itself, the pleasure in painting, and making new friends.
I kept the color choices limited = small amounts of ultramarine, cobalt, cobalt teal, cad red light for warmth and darkening, tiny amounts of Winsor Newton magenta, and raw sienna for warmth. Lots of white, of course- big gobs on the surf at the end.

This one came from a chance to play in Destin with friends. Coooooold weather while we were there. We knew there would be only one nice day, and we walked on the beach most of the day until it became too windy - and we decided to go shop and eat!

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