Saturday, January 15, 2011

Middle of Winter

Middle of Winter - middle stage of the painting, that is. Yesterday we saw this frozen water at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Decatur Al. This year there are HUGE numbers of Sandhill cranes there. Wish I could have made good photos of the cranes, but my zoom won't do it. So this icy scene is the next best thing I saw. I'm maybe halfway finished on this 24x36 oil. It's been 43 degrees here today and we still have as much snow as and ordinary north Alabama snow would be!
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  1. This is going to be wonderful, great lighting and reflections, I bet it is very impressive at this larger size....

  2. Gorgeous colors and strong forms ... looks great already.

  3. this is so...evocative, for lack of a better word. Captures the spirit of the landscape at that point in time, very serene.
    Love it, Robin.

  4. Thelight in this piece is really lovely - looking forward to seeing the finish!

  5. very nice Robin. Love that light.
    Thanks too for the comment on my blog. Now off to the studio to do some snow paintings.