Monday, September 22, 2008


Moon study, 6x8"
I know what they mean by "moonstruck" now. Full moons are almost as fascinating as sunsets. My art room has an east facing window, and I can see the moon rise periodically from that window. Last week the weather cooperated, and as I finished computer work, I decided to just go out and paint the moon.
Painting moonlight has its' own challenges, as I found out. In a hurry to catch it before the moon was covered by clouds, I just sat down in the road with my pochade box. Didn't take the time to set up the tripod - no time. There was a streetlight behind me, and it didn't really shed much light on the palette. So I just dug for blue paint in the corners where I usually place those colors. I felt around for cad red light to modify the blue to grey. This is really not a good painting, it just shows an attempt to try something new. I didn't catch that velvety look of the dark trees in the moonlight. Or the edges of clouds that were both illuminated by the moon and darkened in other places. O well, 'till the next full moon and lovely summer night.......

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