Thursday, September 25, 2008


PAINTING DEMONSTRATION study, 12x16, oil on linen panel

Sometimes I take chances. If I have a failed painting, it seems I have nothing to lose by painting over it. Underneath this study was a landscape - a lovely twilight scene that never quite made it. Our painting teacher selected still life as the subject of the class recently. We turned off the overhead flourescent lights to better see the set up. The other students diligently gathered 'round the teacher to watch the demonstration. FRom where I stood in the back of the room - WOW what lighting! I treated what I saw as a liquid drawing, just trying to capture the halos of light.

What he was painting was the arangement of "Velvet andFringe" you saw in August on this blog. When the other students settled down to work I squeezed my easel closer to the onions and jar sitting on that beautiful green shawl.

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