Wednesday, February 18, 2009


6X8 oil on panel $95
6x8 oil on panel, nfs, almost finished

6x8, oil on panel, $95
I told myself I was going to work on different subject matter, but these winter woodland scenes just were insistent on getting painted. The top two are in Tennessee - out in the boonies as we say in Alabama. The bottom one is from north Alabama - a treasure of our state, the privately owned Dismals Canyon near Russelville. It's just indescribably beautiful and you would never know it's there by the surrounding countryside. Every photo taken there turns out great.
I used a relatively big brush (for a 6x8) #6 flat bristle - for these, with some palette knife scrapings to make small lines. They required more layering than I expected.
I've said it before - I LOVE winter colors.

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