Saturday, May 16, 2009


SPRING LANDSCAPE - the beginning.
Perhaps this one is mid way - I hope! The peonies may have been upset by the 6 to 8 inches of rain we've had, but the wisteria this year was great. Wisteria will be the subject of this painting when it's finished. As I travelled around 4 counties this spring, I saw numerous places where wisteria draped over trees for a half mile or so. This scene though, is only a mile from home when the sunlight glowed through the wisteria as I came around the bend in the road.
If I'm lucky, I'll capture that sparkling morning sunlight when it's finished. All I have to do is get that bottle of sparkling sunlight and apply it to the canvas!
There isn't much texture yet on this painting, so clicking on the image might show the smooth texture of the clay surface on this brand of canvas. When it's finished, there will much more paint to see.

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  1. The atmosphere in this creates a nice sense of depth. The colors you've used here are beautiful too! It looks exactly like an early morning scene to me.