Thursday, June 4, 2009


untitled - for now- I think this one is 12x16
Ok - now I'm in my element - combining horses with a love of the land. You'll probably see more of these horses from a friend's farm in Tennessee. The afternoon was overcast and seemed to emphasize the lovely fields. I was delighted to hang around to photograph this group (there are 6 horses) and make new friends.
I want to post a slideshow or movie of the progress on this painting. Anybody got tips on making about 30 progress photos into a viewable format for blogs? I think you might find it interesting how this one went together. Gee, it was fun.
Wouldn't it be fun to snatch on the mane and fly away!
click on image to see the texture


  1. This painting is So Awesome! I can't stop studying it.
    Kathleen Harrington did a slideshow not too long ago. I think she did it with photobucket. I have not tried it yet, but had been wondering about the possibility.
    I see her on your followers.
    I would have passed on the passion for painting award to you if she had not just beat me to it... Love your work.

  2. What a gorgeous painting! Love that Paint Horse and the body angles. Nothing says freedom like horses in motion.

    Wish I could help you on the slide show. It would be great to see the group so hope you figure it out.