Thursday, September 10, 2009

September morning

This plein air piece was one of the lucky times when I knew immediately it just had to be painted.  The only question was - how much to include and what to leave out??   From where I stood I had a 360 degree view with each direction a fine choice for painting.    You can see I love trees - this grove had plenty of character and seemed to be a cornerstone of the farm.  Just getting to the farm was arduous - at least for my little PT Cruizer.  The road had been abandoned long ago.  I wish everybody could have a nice a day as I had.  What a lovely thing to be able to go out and paint a view like this...
Painted for the benefit Land Trust of Huntsville
Apologies for the blurry photo - you may be able to see texture by clicking on the photo
Hope you can come to the Monte Sano Art Show on Monte Sano Mountain, Huntsville Al   at Monte Sano State Park
Saturday only, Sept 19th
I'd love to visit with you...


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. You've captured the majesty of this wonderful old Oak. I admire your ability to paint such great Plein Air work! Hope you don't mind if I put your link on my blog. I don't want to miss any more of your beautiful painting so I just subscribed too.

  2. Ah beautiful. You paint with a sense of excitement and joy. I can feel it. I will sign on as a follower.
    Thank you