Saturday, October 24, 2009


18x24 oil, tenative title "Fencesitting", in finishing stage

Here is another progress  posting, in case you'd like to see how my larger paintings get started.  I pass this pasture every few months.  It's on the outskirts of a small town, and I have to really zoom to get the photos.  But it's the time of day and composition that stays in my mind instead of the details - although I do hope for accurate anatomy - tell me if I'm off!

the lay-in with a chip brush from the "home store" to get the rhythm and light/dark composition.  The canvas is ordinary cotton that I've gessoed with Utrecht brand professional gesso.
....the next shows 3 horses against the fenceline in shadow.   That's the part that really caught my attention.

palimino on the right......

the front horse taking shape.....I recognize the silhouette and begin to block in the dark, light and color on the horse shape, putting them in like jigsaw pieces without blending, piecing the horse together like a quilt.  Each value of color gets an individual mix meant to go in a specific place.   Sometimes it might take the flick of a brush, or a drag or applying with light swipe - sometimes it takes the brush at a 90 degree angle, but most often the back edge of the brush held horizontally.

Here is more of the patchwork effect.   I'm using a bristle flat #6 or 8.  All the colors and values are there - now I'll adjust the blocky color shapes with more blocky color shapes in between, and - magic! - it comes together like it's blended.  With more "looking" I see purples, blues and oranges and try to play it up, still keeping the quiet time effect.

finished photo to come........

usually you can click on an image to enlarge for texture..

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