Saturday, December 19, 2009


progress on a studio painting...

ok, this is where I've ended this studio painting before leaving on a Christmas trip.  After Christmas I will finish it.   I don't think there is a name for this procedure.  I'm searching for the lights, the colors as these horses emerge from the shady part of the pasture.  I know - it looks creepy now without eyes and such.   When painting plein air, the thinking process is the same, except I make a big effort to simplify the compositional shapes, and hold back on the details that are icing on the cake. After Christmas, I would like to use big flourishing brushwork to finish- we'll see.    Wish I had silver paint to capture the mane of the horse on the right - it was just gleaming......
usually clicking on the images will give more detail, except in this case I'm avoiding detail.

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