Saturday, January 23, 2010


Shem Creek again.   Same day in December as previous post, I think.   As the sun set, there was a flurry of pelicans and gulls landing by the shrimp boats on the creek.  So- definitely no time to catch the excitement by painting plein air- I snapped at least 15 photos in less than 5 minutes as the sun dropped and the bird frenzy went on.      There was a Tornado in Huntsville Al this week, and the news of Haiti going on, and it was gloomy yesterday.  It became a chance to paint something colorful.   Like many artists, the priviledge of painting compells me to give something to the world, which I do regardless of the current situation - today it's Haiti - tomorrow it will be another chance to funnel proceeds from painting out to the world somewhere.......
18x24, oil on canvas, framed, $900     email  for purchase

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