Monday, February 15, 2010


I'm wishing for Charleston again where we found plenty of seafood, wildlife and scenery because the winter has been so ....cold. I know, you live with this all the time.
So this painting could actually be the bottom of a recent painting "Pelican Party".   All this bird action was going on below the dock - looked like a feeding frenzy at the end of a lovely sunset.   I think I'm painting things that seem to warm me up.   This one is 24x36, and even though it's not larger than recent paintings, I really had to focus to get it done.   Things went slowly probably because I composed it backwards - my watercolor background coming out again.  I needed to decide which of a hundred pelicans to include or leave out.    Since I usually paint without a preliminary drawing, birds get scraped off, added here or there, tucked behind or in front of, mouths open or closed.......believe it or not, the water took as much thought as the birds.     24x36, oil on canvas, framed. $1100    email Robin if interested.  
Entered in the Alabama Flora And Fauna show sponsored by Alabama Wildlife Federation .   Check this website for dates of the exhibit in April.

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