Friday, February 26, 2010


Waiting to Plow, 11x14 oil. 
....In the winter farm plein air series, as I promised in the last post.  Now that I see it here, there are several tweaks it needs - what do you think?  Got to make the puddles look like puddles and fix the mass of trees on the right.   
Suddenly it occured to me how many winter scenes I've done.  I looked back over the files of paintings on my computer and was reminded how much I enjoy those delicate colors and the patterns that emerge in farm lands.  Like an abstract quilt. 
I'm easily exited !

Long Summer Night, 12x12, oil on cradled board
Todays' painting takes a completely different turn. This fishing pier is huge.  There's a complete kitchen in there.  More decks on either side.  It's a place for gatherings to eat the crabmeat the owner patiently cracks and puts in the freezer.  Like we crack pecans up here. The evening was soft and breezy..... (here's where you make up your own story...)

both paintings still wet, contact Robin at robinroberts4@gmail,.com for collecting.  Or you can see them to the Fairhope Arts Show in mid March.

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