Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I liked this image so much that it required painting another version.   Last fall the weeds were dazzling in the sunlight and the horse was almost lost in the foliage. In this version, the horse looks our way, expecting something?
We used the beginning of it in our monthly painting class.   Sometimes there isn't enough time to put those finishing touches in class, so I wanted painters to see how a painting can progress when the alla prima approach takes more sessions.
Here are the stages and a close up of the finshed painting:

Where's the Hay? 16x20, black/brown frame with gold liner   $850,  oil on canvas,
contact Robin   southernpainter@hotmail.com for purchase

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  1. This is a gorgeous painting, Robin--so filled with light and contrast! Thank you bunches for the photos of stages of painting the horse; it's fun and helpful to see how you developed it. Your painting students are a lucky bunch!