Monday, June 28, 2010


I owe apologies to several students for suggesting we use the photo for this painting for our project several lessons ago.     I saw the photo in simple terms of light and dark shapes making a composition.  Well, we struggled thru class and the painters got farther along in their paintings than I did - as usual.  With lots of grumbling about the fence.   Well, when I returned to finish it later, I was just as frustrated as at the start.   You might not believe how difficult that fence is!   I think I did it over 4 times.   Poor students - subjected to the whims of a fake teacher!    I learned alot from struggling thru this one and I can only hope they did too - or else they went running into the woods screaming!
The site of the photo reference was the Haywood College campus in Waynesville NC, where they have a wonderful daliah garden

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  1. struggle or not? I think it came out as a great painting. Good job Robin