Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mom's Place

couldn't resist this old home place.  This is not far from our home - a theme of mine you've probably noticed.   I enjoy the common, the nearby,  the places we see day after day. One day the sun shines and lights up our world in a different way, and voila! the ordinary becomes exceptional.   Made a new friend while I painted this scene from down the road.  
8x10  oil on linen   unframed - so far - contact Robin


  1. It's a beautiful painting, Robin, and such an inviting porch. Don't know why, the more I look, the more I like ...? Maybe because I like similar things.

  2. What a lovely painting this is, Robin--I feel a strong pull to this place, one of those paintings that gives me an "I want to BE there" feeling. The tonal and color balance is beautiful; I especially like the strong red and its softer echoes against the gentle greens. I have enjoyed browsing all your recent posts and particularly like both versions of Chapel Garden.