Friday, March 9, 2012

Tweaking "The Drive"
Evaluating a painting often takes longer than the painting!   Here are close up photos of the texture since the last post.
These should give an idea of how tricky it is to photograph correctly.  The lights often come out colorless, the darks way too dense, and color is tricky to reproduce from blue to orange.  Some are not sharp, some are too pixilated.....

The tree trunk color, the sky, and the overall shape of the tree were changed.

From my old watercolor days I learned the value of cropping to make a better composition, and I'm tempted here to crop this painting from 24x30 to something like 18x24.    Hmmmmmm

this one is closest to the actual painting, and this photo is washed out on the right..  So, just like painting, I'll keep trying to make better photos.


  1. Cropped or not, I find the painting so beautiful! One of my pet peeves is photographing art; it seems when you "fix" one thing, another computer misinterpretation pops up. I wonder if a Photoshop program would overcome this?
    I had no idea you did watercolors! Love to see some ....

  2. Love the "sketchiness" of these! ps my sisters live in Lexington.