Sunday, April 8, 2012

St Simons

Next week I'll be headed to St Simons Island Ga to take part in the Glynn Art Associations's  Plein Air Affair.   From Wednesday the 18th through Saturday the 21st, we artists will paint and offer you visions of the island at the Glynn Art association, the local galleries and the Gala party "Meet Me in Paris" Saturday night.
Check out the schedule at Glynn Art Asociation
This painting is from the Charleston area, perhaps there will be something similar at St Simons ..   Come watch if you're in the area.    Parker Gallery will be part of the Gallery Crawl and invited some of artists to display there Friday night.    Hope to see you!


  1. Hi Robin. I so look forward to seeing more paintings like this one posted, from St. Simon's. Have a great time!

  2. How cool is that, Robin--I soooooo wish I had the time to pop up to St. Simons to see you there! It is a lovely place, although you have to get out of the town (probably) to find the kinds of subjects you like best. By the way, I very much like your Paris painting from your previous post. To me, it's a definite success, even if it did not turn out exactly the way you had hoped it would. Paintings do have a mind and life of their own, don't they?