Monday, October 15, 2012

Strokes of a Master

having fun this week at a workshop with Qiang Huang  - a masterful painter and fine guy.
Here are  Qiang's (pronounced Chong Wong) strokes on the last demo for the class:

Here are my strokes.  Painting it was somewhat "cheating" because it is the set up Qiang designed, but totally fun:
This one is not finished, but I learned to
focus on richer color, brief strokes, and better compositions.  


  1. Hooo-eeee! Qiang Huang! Even watercolorists [me, anyway] have heard of and admire his work! You are so fortunate. Both paintings are brilliant.

    1. yess, I am fortunate, as Qiang is a great teacher. And having him teach here in Alabama - great too. Lets go spread that paint around!

  2. Beautiful, Robin. I didn't know he was coming to Alabama! I love his work. Your painting looks GREAT!!!

  3. Robin - Was it just not wonderful!?!?! I'm so glad you were there and we could paint together! I never did get to see your finished is beautiful!! Hope you have a good trip back home! Take care & Happy Painting!