Friday, November 2, 2012


Time for practice. After the Qiang Huang workshop, I wanted to refine the way I paint arrangements. So I got a new spotlight and placed some things at hand. Always liked that pitcher.
On the left is the start of a painting lit with the spotlight, and the right is the start of the one lit by sunshine through the window

Next is some progression:

with spotlight - I must have been in a hustle because I didn't take photos in the middle. (this is the one on the left above)

Light from the east window, start.  This is the one on the right.

Light from the window, a little more paint.

Onions are fun, but requires me to think and evaluate, but of course we do that will all paintings, right?

A little red helps.  I eat these small tomatoes by the handful.
The sunshine through the window only lasted about an hour, so it was somewhat like plein air in that I wanted to complete it while the paint is wet for better edgework.  

What I learned from the studies: the tomatoes were the hardest, although the smallest item.   Grey can be really nice.   I like the drama better than I thought.  I will paint onions again.    

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  1. I love the drama, too. The pitcher with the red accents is gorgeous!