Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Around Here Cotton is Queen

Well, it was King at one time, now we have lots of fields of cotton, and the land shares it with corn, soybeans, orchards and some winter crops.  Since I love landscapes, I love the farmers.  These plein air pieces are just  3 miles apart one afternoon.  I can see new advances in the cotton itself and the way it's harvested and processed every year.    It makes painting cotton at the "pretty stage" kind of a race before it gets defoliated.  
both  11x14, framed in gold
The lower one is at Dragonfly Gallery in Fayetteville Tn.   $495.

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  1. Hi Robin. I've never been far enough south at the right time of year to see cotton fields. How beautiful! I love the colors and warmth of these paintings.