Saturday, December 22, 2012

critique again

friends and artists - last chance to use your critique hat again! Facebook friends have given good suggestions to restructure this 30x30 painting.    So I used features of all the points made to keep the "end of day" feel.
*darken foreground
*decrease the distant blue mountain
*increase the tree line in the middle
*decrease size of mid field (made it shorter)
*increase (darken )value of trees
*simplify the tree shapes and strokes
*cool foreground
*change shapes on left mid distance, and clarify the values
*change sky -add warm cloud shapes
*added texture to foreground
still to do:   mute the blue of the evening sky
below is one of several stages where I was stuck:

several artists and friends noted features were "fighting" each other.   That's a good term to describe.
It reinforces my feeling that I have learned from some of the best artists - and several I've not even met!   THANKS,  friends!


  1. I am not a Southern painter....or any kind of painter....just a Southern art lover. This has been fascinating to read!

  2. Thanks, Toots - I'm just a southern lover too

  3. Hi Robin. I won't critique, but compliment. The revised painting is so much stronger. Neutralizing the background colors and intensifying some of the darks in the shrubs and trees - connecting the background more - has made a very pleasing and noticeable difference.