Tuesday, March 18, 2014


One of those Tennessee creeks that makes you just want to tip-toe across barefooted.   I did this yesterday as a demo for class this week using a simple undertone of burnt sienna to make the shapes.   The linen panel makes this light approach work well. The paint glides on easily.  11x14

This tractor done today is on a "gesso board"  8x8 and the process is different - painted color shape by color shape using a springy brush with no undertone - just jumped in on a white surface  with those color shapes, "eyeballing" the structure of the tractor parts to build it. The gesso panel is neither slick like the linen nor absorbent.  I enjoy these different approaches of brushwork, surfaces, paint and methods.  It's good to be familiar with what paint can do in different circumstances - and fun.

Turquoise bucket -8x8, $200 unframed
Leipers Creek   11x14, on linen panel, unframed $300
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