Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Juice This Morning

3 by 5 inches
Have you heard of Leslie Saeta's  30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge?
What else are we going to do in January?    This month I'm not in my regular routine  and painting place, but I still want to use the challenge to paint (or draw) everyday.  Yesterday , the first day of the challenge there were over 600 artists posting.!
So, in this little painting I'm still teaching myself values.  It's always darker or lighter than I think and it takes pushing to get it right.
This month I'll be happy to get 30 little studies, but also I should paint a few larger ones also.  
It's good to have a theme or plan at any time, and since I haven't settled on one yet    the theme so far is :  sights from my daily rounds.
This morning it was an unusual treat to go out for breakfast and order juice.  Everything in this diner was soooo shiny it made the orange juice look extra good.

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