Saturday, January 24, 2009


on the easel, midway
Higher Ground, 10x24, midstage

Higher Ground 10x24
Higher Ground is done in a higher "key" in artists terms. Partly it means not much is darker than value 7. In this one though, the trees are nearer to value 8 or 9 and everything else is close in value nearer the 2 and 3 range. In this one the proportion of values is the most important. I imagine most people will be drawn to the color because it's pastel. There's a challenge in making the most of a narrow range of values. I painted so fast on this one that I didn't take beginning photos, so you see it when most of it was accomplished. Using a palette knife and mixing minor value changes in the colors kept me so busy making decisions I couldn't stop and get the camera. Wet paint and the tilt of my laptop keep me from getting a good photo here.
This one will go to one of the galleries or with me to the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Show (Fairhope Al, March 20,21, & 22 - come see me!).
Purchase this one before then at reduced price- $700. Unframed on narrow gallery wrapped style canvas.

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