Thursday, January 22, 2009


Let's Go,startstage 2
stage 3

Let's Go 8x6, oil on board, $95
I do these small ones to limber up and to remind me not to get too picky in the details of oil painting. For me, it's all in the gesture - the silhouette - it says the most in the least manner. It all starts with light and dark. Without the dark there can't be light. The darks make the lights simpler. As the painting gets to the end there is a little voice in my head saying "picky! picky!". It makes me stop and decide to wait on details. Details lie in the paint handling, warm and cool balance, and light and dark balance. This one was done with a little but long nylon flat on a thickly gessoed board. Usually I hate nylon brushes, but the flat plain marks this one made seemed to suit this job.

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