Tuesday, January 20, 2009


start 30x30, oil
What do cotton fields have to do with Inauguration Day?
This has been a season of introspection. With the passing of Andrew Wyeth and today being Inauguration Day and New Years Day not too far removed, there is much to think about and appreciate. Just being able to paint what moves us is such a privilege to me. For the impact of Andrew Wyeth, several of the artists whose blogs I follow have said it well. Karin Jurick, and Neil Hollingsworth's comments stand out. Even untrained artists stand on the shoulders of those before us.

So here's what I finished today, Inauguration Day. I got the enjoyment of watching a notable day unfold, and the small thrill of completing a painting.
Similar experiences.
At least I think it's completed - what do you think?
New Season, 30x30 oil, $900
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