Thursday, January 8, 2009

Progress on painting The Girls

One way a painting develops....
Prepare yourself - this demonstrates that sometimes ( many times for me) paintings go through a very ugly stage. For me it feels like making something out of clay -like taking something soft yet solid and forming it into the shape it needs to be. I enjoy the challenge - when it works.

first outline of the group, trying to get features in the proper place and proportion, not concerned with color of skin - the value is more important at this stage. Color of hair is not important yet - just the value. I see so many things that need changing - what to tackle first??

skin tones blocky..........features need refining! If you click on the photos for close up views, you'll see some garish blues - have you ever noticed all the colors in skin? It's amazing.

Finally I get a take on the mouth. It's just a short but scary tweak from an ordinary mouth to big sisters' glamour girl smile. It was looking really bad for awhile. And finally they get some clothes! And younger sister's face shape gets refined. Her silhouete was way off.
I made several sketches in paint and pencil to prepare for this, but the drawing for the painting went on like any landscape you have seen on this blog.
It was fun!

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