Thursday, January 1, 2009


nfs Gotcha, 8x10, oil NFS the Girls 12x16 oil
During the holidays I had requests for painting "people". One request specified boys fishing and another wanted a painting from their photo that was very well done. This is unusual for me, as I haven't done portraits. But you know many artists enjoy capturing people doing ordinary things. I find painting people improves my landscapes, and still life sharpens them both.
I''LL SHOW the progress on the painting of the girls so you will see that work can look really dubious for awhile. I call it the "rabbit-out-of-a-hat" effect. Nobody told me in the beginning how messy a painting could look until it all comes together in the end. I really felt cheated until I figured this out. In the beginning I thought it would look pretty and tidy from beginning to end. Ha. I'll show you the messy beginning another day.

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