Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yes! I love winter colors. I confess to unsafe practices when it comes to painting. Yesterday I found this scene that made me stop the car and turn around. It's out in the country, but about a mile from a school that was about to turn out. It's another "side of the road" scene that just seems magical to me. So I wheeled around and snapped the photos before the school moms filled up the road.
Hay Line, 12x24, oil on canvas
People would really wonder when watching me make photos. They don't even turn out very good. But the faster I get to the painting, the nearer it comes to catching the feel of the day.

about 2/3 done. I was so excited and into a rhythm that I didn't photograph this one in the early stages. Many times there is a pausing place when I can evaluate the next step and get a midway photo. Not so with this one. It went together fast - in spite of me!
detail, in midstage - just chunky blocky paint. I remember an article from an old American Artist magazine - the writer said "let paint be paint". Yes, paint is a great plaything.
email if you're interested in purchasing. This one one will go to the galleries or to the Fairhope (Alabama) Arts Show in March. It can be purchased unframed before then.

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