Tuesday, February 24, 2009


#1, 9X12 oil on board, $350 unframed

#2, 9x12 oil on linen panel, $350 unframed

These barns are WAY past repair. The holes in the tin roof certainly won't keep anything dry.
Can anyone say why we are compelled to create one thing or another? This is the same barn, taken when I was returning from the Alabama Folk School at Camp McDowell. I can't remember doing 2 of the same subject before, although I know artists should work in series and/or explore different compositions from the same subject matter. It's one of those images that intrigues me from many angles. These paintings are the same size and I changed the format to see what part of the waning winter light I could emphasize. I still want to develop a painting featuring the big pecan tree unseen in these views. It was flaming in the sun on the top, and cool purple blues below. I just delight in ordinary scenes lit up by the usual sunset. I just happened to be there. Hmmmm..... maybe a long narrow painting next....
p/s click on the photo to enlarge to see the REAL painting.

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