Monday, May 11, 2009



BLACK 9x12 oil on board
This painting was a demonstration for class today. I used it as a way to talk about drawing. It started upside down.....

as in the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. We talked about the importance of getting the silhouette right, watching for angles by using our inboard horizontal and vertical ability ( the equivalent of gridding), and and attention to the spaces between things - like legs. We also talked about the willingness to wipe out and start over to get the shaping right. That helps to take the fear off drawing.
This horse presented a good example of using simple large dark and light shapes. Simplifying. Clarifying. Watching warm and cool relationships. After I got the shapes going to the point where I could continue, I turned it right side up to do the color work - and we had that AHA ! moment - realizing it's not a HORSE, but a collection of shapes. The next part was observing the color of the shapes inside the body, paying attention to edges. Could just as easily have been an outboard motor or a face. Now you know all the secrets!
Click on the photo to see detail - apologies for the wet paint glare.

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