Saturday, August 15, 2009


"Whose Phone?" 9x12, oil on linen panel. I must give credit for this title to another artist in our paint group. Without them, I would not have that spark of fun and creativity- they keep me honest and laughing.
This one needs more tweaks,but gee it was fun. Took several rounds to finish, and I became aware of using a different set of painting methods...
The location is near Florence Alabama, the Bluewater Polo club, I think. I've taken photos there, but this one came from another artist friend.
Here are the headless horses and riders in the beginning stage. I'm just setting down colors as shapes like a jigsaw puzzle, having a good time.
Having a fuzzy photo is really and advantage here - I don't get bogged down. Well, maybe that's not completely true........
"Whose phone?" is still wet. If you are interested in purchasing, contact me directly


  1. Love the wonderful loose feeling of this and the way you changed the background colors to a much more interesting palette. With this great result from a "fuzzy reference"...I think I'll take a lesson and start blurring mine out. Really beautiful!

  2. Incredibly wonderful painting!
    Thanks for showing the start and the reference photo ~ so interesting to see how it developed.