Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two White Ponies

Lately, I seldom start and complete a painting in the same way.   Two White Ponies is quite different in that I knew from the start I'd produce it in a "direct" way, meaning layers.  I wish I'd photographed the background as it went along because it took the longest to paint.   It wasn't difficult, but there were decisions made as it progressed, and one or two layers dried as I went along.  The horses actually went quickly at the end.   It goes against my usual "alla prima" approach that would have them incorporated at the beginning of the painting.

I've tried to make a short slideshow of the phases:

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  1. Superb, Robin!!! I found myself getting truly lost in your painting, and very happily so. You are so very good at catching a moment, with your color choices and brush-strokes. I'm sorry I can't express what I feel any more clearly.