Friday, March 22, 2013


 I'm taking a workshop with Paula Frizbe, and having a great learning experience from an artist I really admire.       Paula has a way to teach the importance of values - something painters are told often. In her class we are specifically making the values of different planes before starting the painting.   You can see the results this exercise has already done for me in the above painting ( which was the second one attempted).   I think everyone enjoyed this one because it is "high key" , or no really dark values and easily conveys a sense of the natural.    
This is the first one we started by mixing the ground plane, the sky plane, the distant mountain plane, road value, and the upright tree plane first.  Paula gave us her mixtures so it was a little easier to come up with the right values.
I'm excited to incorporate Paula's teachings and hope I can keep it up!

both are 11x14, beach/ocean scene available.

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  1. Terrific work! I've been talking about values lately on my blog. This just emphases the importance of values.