Sunday, August 2, 2015


I thought I was the last one to go out West and see places like the Grand Canyon. So recently we spent a couple of weeks "out there".     It's easy to be seduced by summer geology.   I'm sure I couldn't catch the vastness of the West , so this scene from the train is a nice slice of land to remember the trip. It is the pass northward on the Southwest Chief above Raton NM, on the Raton Creek  on the Colorado side. The train chugs northward through the pass on a long slow path, mostly snaking along the creek and over the interstate here and there . This one will get more tweaking.
It went together like this:

the path of the creek bed snaked like the train we rode on.  This is over a pass somewhere in New Mexico/Colorado border.

the lovely lilac sheen on the water contrasted with the warm sandy colors  - that was the attraction.

then I discovered why there is a name for "sage green".  Quite different from our southern hot greens.

A room painted these colors would be cozy.

latter stages..................

thanks for following along.....

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